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New Tower at night
Full moon over the new tower

After a memorable day, why not a memorable night! All our rooms are special
and all our rooms are different, indeed DISTINCTLY DIFFERENT.

Great Spur



The circular GREAT SPUR room has a round bed sized for a King and takes up the whole of the grinding floor in the old mill tower, making this the perfect room for honeymooners now that the two pairs of millstones no longer cramp your style. This is a large 19ft diameter room with a spectacular outlook through tiny paired windows set into the massive stone walls of the tower.

The sitting room in FANTAIL suite.

Fantail Sitting Room

FANTAIL suite is self-contained with separate bedroom, sitting room and bathroom. The Suite is ideal for those who don't believe in travelling light and want to spread themselves and their belongings liberally around. The bedroom has a Gothic style iron bed and a collection of lighthouse photographs. Both bedroom and sitting room have pretty pointed windows to frame the stunning views beyond Bradford to the Westbury White Horse and Salisbury Plain.

Fantail Bedroom


The Gothic iron Bed in FANTAIL's bedroom. The only high ceilinged room in the house!

FANTAIL can also be a really exciting family room for children - especially those between 6 & 12yrs old. They sleep in the bedroom (but up on a gallery at ceiling height accessed by a substantial ladder and protected by wooden railings), toe to toe in a curtained cabin bed up under the eaves. It is a small private area with children's books, cuddly toys etc. for them to enjoy and a view down to the town several hundred feet below. You can put them to bed in the bedroom and sit in your sitting room watching TV - close by, but not too close.

Children's gallery in Fantail

Kids sleep toe to toe in a 3m.long cabin bed.

DAMSEL at the top of the new tower is the smallest but the most romantic of the bedrooms. Try our queen size water bed under the conical ceiling and the en-suite bathroom with a reclaimed 'avocado' suite including a cast iron whirlpool bath - very retro! Arrive in the evening to find the sun streaming in the windows if you're lucky and wake up in the morning to views of the copper beech and yew trees along the drive.

The waterbed and conical ceiling in Damsel at the top of the new tower - and Kate!


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