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We are here to look after you at breakfast and all of the evening as we need time during the day to shop for your breakfast, keep an old house up together, look after our allotments and occasionally go for a walk or out to lunch. Ours is a very small enterprise, so when we are out there is no-one here to welcome you. We are always here after 5.00pm, but if you would like to arrive early to leave luggage or to leave your car - please telephone first to check that we will be here.

We share our drive and parking spaces so please don't arrive early and leave your car parked in or near the drive, as it may be in someone else's place. Parking is just as sensitive an issue in Bradford-on-Avon as it probably is in your home town! The drive was designed for horses and carts and is thus fairly narrow, but will accommodate "sensibly sized" cars, so bring the mini and help save the planet.


We are tucked away in one of Bradford on Avon's undiscovered corners - which ensures a quiet stay. There is no sign or number to tell you which is the correct track to the house, so please use the map and walk down a little way until you see that there is a round building with a timber gallery around it - before driving down to the house. All the driveways are narrow and really difficult to reverse out of, but you can turn round in our drive, though it is very narrow and not designed for large or macho four wheel drive vehicles, so bring your MINI not your MERCEDES! If you have to bring a large car we can tell you a place to leave it parked in a nearby street


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